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Welcome to Realistic Asia

Proudly to be the leading tour operator in Vietnam and other regions of Southeast Asia. Today, after eight years of developing, we are thrilled to announce our new brand identity which includes a change of our corporate name from S Viet Travel to Realistic Asia. The new name is a part of our expanding strategy which we will continue to widen our product diverse and develop our professional services throughout the region. With our local knowledge, we provide authentic and unique experiences come along with an amazing value. Besides all the well-planned trips that we cater you at any time, all of your preferences will be carefully taken care to create a memorable journey of a lifetime. Discover the wonders of Vietnam and Indochina through our tours packages that are specially made for you.

Top Selling Tours 2020

Bavi Eco Tour

Bavi Eco Tour is extraordinary community tour that allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city and closely interact with rural life in Vietnam. Join the locals in their daily activities and mingle with friendly villagers for memorable experiences in Vietnam.

Our team

Mrs. Hien Do

Mrs. Hien Do

Founder & Sales Manager

Mr. Ha Trinh

Mr. Ha Trinh

Co-founder & Director

Mrs. Irina Hatcher

Mrs. Irina Hatcher

Partnership Manager

Ms. Minah Trinh

Ms. Minah Trinh

Marketing Manager

Realistic Asia References

      At first, I was wary of booking a trip through a travel co.in Vietnam, since we are so far in Canada. But after reading other Tripadvisors' views, I gave it... read more


      exceptional all the time on this cruise. Treated like a king with genuine friendly staff that could literally no do anymore for me and i dined on some fantastic food... read more


      It was a super tour with a variety of activities. The bike riding through rice fields was great fun. No concerns with Corona virus here.


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